5 Simple Steps

  1. Bordeaux Wine Consultancy source wines according to buying trends, values and market news. We analyse this by a variety of reliable sources in order to select fine wines that will most likely show growth in line with portfolio expectations.

  2. We will quote you the price of the recommended stock, inclusive of shipping, handling and administration costs. A personal bonded warehouse account will then be set up for storage of your wine, ensuring full control is solely in your hands and it is stored safely.

  3. Ownership is confirmed by documentation from us and also personal, direct access to the wine through the personal bonded warehouse account, of which full documentation is provided.

  4. We monitor your portfolio throughout the investment term and advise when to sell. We take an active role in all client portfolios and this allows us to maximise returns.

  5. You can sell your wines at any stage regardless of the proposed term of the portfolio, although we do recommend a hold of at least three years
    to maximise your investment.

    Bordeaux Wine Consultancy do not charge a commission on the sale
    of any wine portfolio.